Welcome to AKASS Engineering Helpdesk page

The AKASS Helpdesk will be center point of contact for all user related issues.

AKASS  Engineering, as a project management firm of several outsourced projects from our esteemed customer, as well handling the maintenance of their ICT infrastructure, has integrated this online Trouble Ticket monitoring tool to its website. All activity shall be monitored using this  web based Application:

(Access the tool using the Menu in the left Hand side.)

Call Receiving from Users by telephone, email or any convenient methods.is Logging :

    • Per User
    • Per PC
    • Per office
    • Per Project
  • Single point of contact for all concerns during the duration of Contact.
    • Call Escalation, Tracking and Closure
  • Reports shall be e-mailed to the organizations Co-coordinator as per agreed frequency:

An assigned IT coordinate could  view/modify the status of issues based on the access level granted from AKASS.

Reports could be retrieved from the tool includes:

Daily Reports

  • Call Pending Report with details of Complaint No., Location, Date & Time Logged in, No. of Days Pending (from higher to lower), Reasons for delay in resolving
  • Calls Resolved on previous day with details of Complaint No., Date & Time Logged in / Resolved, Engineer Name.
  • Items sent for Repair/Replacement with relevant details
  • Items received for Repair/Replacement with relevant details
  • No. of Calls received and No. of Calls resolved

Weekly Reports

  • Pending Complaints beyond specified Time Limits

Monthly / Quarterly Reports

  • Calls delayed by No. of days beyond specified time limit( Equipment Type wise)
  • Analysis of Type of Calls