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AKASS is proud to have participated in a Data Center relocation of  of one of the major banks in Ethiopia ( Wegagen Bank ) .

The  entire Datacenter is to be moved to a new location, the project was time constrained and the Banks IT team was working for 24hour bases for three conscutive days to minimize the down time and fulfill the time window proposed by project team. The project was well planned and all required backup and redundant circuit was in place before the migration start. The task of AKASS team was to dismantle a 2.4 meter VSAT antenna from the roof of 12th floor building of the banks old location and move it to the 20th floor of the Banks owned new building which is 10km apart from the old site. In addition to the move, the project incorporated a refresh of equipment ( New modem, New 10W iBUC and New LNB) which required a laydowen of new TX and RX path cables and a power cable for the iBUC ( Block up Converter). The team handled all the activity efficiently, that is Indoor and outdoor equipment dismantling, transportation to the new site and assembly and testing of the equipment within the specified time frame of 2 days to customers satisfaction. With several years of experience of AKASS Engineers team, the team was involved from planing to finish of this project and the site survey of the old and new site was also performed by AKASS team few months back, where the Bank is advised by the team to secure the mandatory Government permit to relocate the equipment.


Anteneh Kassaye