Hardware and Software Maintenance Services

AKASS team is comprised of industry recognized Computer Maintenance Engineers and Technicians. One of the main tasks of the company is to provide world class maintenance services to local and regional companies.

The engineers are Certified and Trained with the following Computer maintenance certificates and fully comply to maintenance standards and recomendation. (see employee profile here )

  • CompTia A+ Certified
  • CompTia N+ Certified
  • Cisco CCNA Certified
  • GVF Certified
  • Certified Computer Programers and developers,..

We provide Hardware and software maintenance service at customer site, as well us in our fully equipped workshop in Addis Ababa.

Desktop and laptop Maintenance

Desktop Maintenance includes repair of components and replacement of non repairable components. In case of replacement, new (branded & genuine) components shall be provided.

  • Replace parts
  • Checking status of computer based on user complaints and taking remedial action
  • Attending to virus related complaints and taking necessary action to sort out the issues. Guarding the systems against virus infections using the latest anti-virus tools  available in the market.
  • Installation and Re-load support on Desktop/laptop for Operating system and applications software.

Server Maintenance

  • Servers Maintenance includes repair of components and replacement of non repairable components. In case of replacement, the replaced component provided by customer must be branded and genuine.
  • Installation and Re-load support for OS like MS Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Schedule and followup on proper backup of data ( depending on customer policies)
  • Train Customer on Backup system

Scanner/Printer Maintenance

  • Maintenance Support of  Scanner/Printers. Maintenance includes repair of components and replacement of faulty components.
  • Installation of drivers/ software for its operation
  • Enabling printer and scanner sharing

UPS Maintenance

  • Maintenance and repair of existing UPSs. It includes repair of components and replacement of  non repairable components and battery.

Network Infrastructure Maintenance

To provide services and support to ensure trouble free availability of network facilities to users:-

  • Managing all Patch Panels, switches, cables, etc. in the Network
  • Monitoring the network to determine capacity usage and escalating as required
  • Identifying LAN faults and getting them resolved
  • Installing necessary equipment to connect computers on to the Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Repair / Replace faulty LAN cables.

Specialist equipment support ( VSAT, HF/VHF radio,…)

Preventive Maintenance

 Purpose of Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance is a proactive maintenance of equipment before a fault or failure occurs.
  • Preventive maintenance involves routine tasks to ensure that the system is running optimally & to avoid problems before they arise.

Preventive maintenance includes but not limited to the following tasks.

  • Regular and thorough cleaning of the system from inside by computer grade air and liquid cleaning solution to remove dirt and dust which hinders the cooling of PCs during operation.
  • Cleaning and lubrication of all connectors and contacts.
  • Carrying out the head cleaning of CD-ROM / DVD Drive, tape drives  by head cleaning disk and liquid cleaner.
  • Cleaning of exterior of PCs, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, monitor, printer and all other accessories based on agreed frequency. Good quality cleaning liquid is to be used for such purpose.
  • Updating of Anti-virus software and keeping PCs virus free.
  • Download updates/ patches by Microsoft and upgrade all computers on the network.

Among the measure to be taken during preventive maintenance is updating Antivirus & scanning for virus & malware. AKASS recommends and encourage customers to use licensed Antivirus software to protect company’s data.

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The main objective of AKASS Engineering is to bring a World Class service in the IT support and infrastructure design and implementation area.

With the growing number of organizations seeking support and consultancy services from the company, it became more evident that we should have a stock of critical spars and special tools required for quick recovery of our customers business in case of an IT failure.

Unfortunately, finding such item in the local market, fulfilling the required quality was a challenge and sometimes totally impossible. (Genuine computer parts, Print Inc, special VSAT maintenance tools, coaxial cables and connectors, computers with licensed original software fulfilling our expectation and our customers confidence,.. ).

With this, AKASS acquired an import license from government which included an import of networking materials, computers and computer parts.

We have forged good partnership with several Computer and VSAT part manufactures and vendors in several parts of the world and can import any required parts based on an order from our clients.

(See available stock List)

Again, with the intention of promoting a world class IT services in the country, AKASS has forged a partnership with  one of the best antivirus company McAfee, and is a registered partner.