VSAT Spares

RF Connector  Model:  N/M-RGXXX-CR  Class:  N-Male Crimp type  Frequency:  DC-11GHz  Impedance:  50 Ω  Match Cable:  RG8/213/214/LMR400  V.S.W.R:  ≤ 1.10  Inner plating:  Gold Plate  Shell plating:  Nickel or Tri-Metal  Temperature:  -40℃- +85℃  Durability:  500 Cycles  Waterproof:  IP65  

PPC EX11N716 Series 11 Universal Compression Connector

EX Universal Compression Connectors Series 7 & 11 Cable  The unique patented design of the EX® Series body provides a universal compression fit on all Series 11 drop cable types (standard, tri and quad).  The resulting ease of installation and  reliability make... ( see Manufacturer spec)


LMR400DB 50 Ohm watertight Cable, Black Polyethylene

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